Celebrate Freedom Week

With the new law being passed in Kansas turning Constitution Day into a week long event, I have struggled with ideas of how to celebrate Freedom Week in my geography classroom and still fit the lessons into my content.  Luckily, the week coincided with my 5 Themes unit and is a great opportunity for me to give students a first hand experience with the human geography that is an aspect of the theme Place.

This week in class I am going beyond just teaching the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and letting the students create their own.  By this point, about 5 weeks into school, the students all have plenty to complain about when it comes to my classroom assignments and requirements (we have to do homework in 7th grade?!) and I thought this would be a fun and engaging way for them to understand why the Declaration of Independence was written.  One day this week they will write a list of their grievances with me and my role as the “monarch” of our classroom.  Then they will come together as a class and create their own Constitution to decided how the classroom should be ruled when I am no longer “in power.”

I am hoping that this will be a good way for 7th graders to understand the intent behind the documents by experiencing it, rather than trying analyze something that is difficult for high school students to understand.

What are you doing or could you do in your classroom to celebrate Freedom Week?

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