Augmented Reality

This week our Instructional Technology Coach is in my classroom testing out a new iPad app on my students called Aurasma.  This app allows you to augment reality, similar to the way a first down line is added when you are watching a football game.  Students create a video and link it with an image, which can then be scanned like a QR code by anyone to play the video.

In my class, we are using this app as a way to present research projects.  Instead of each student coming to the front of the classroom and presenting, the students are recording themselves on the iPad and creating a poster for their project which they then link up to their video using the Aurasma app.  Once everyone has uploaded their presentations on the app, students will roam around the room and watch the presentations by scanning the posters using their iPad, which will bring up the video recoded by the student.  This way every student is watching a different presentation at the same time, and can watch presentations from other classes as well.

This app can also work great as a way to check understanding for students when they are completing an assignment.  The teacher can record themselves completing a worksheet (for example a multiple step problem) and link it to an image of the worksheet.  Then, when students are finished with the worksheet, they can take an iPad and scan the image of the worksheet which will connect them to the video of the teacher completing the assignment and they can check their answers as the video plays.  This way students can work at their own pace, and you don’t have to take class time to check for understanding.

Check out this FREE app here for more information and examples!

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