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‘Hamilton’ Our history fix on Broadway

It’s been getting a lot of press, the hip-hop telling of the man who set up the United State’s financial system. Before this musical most Americans could maybe recall that Alexander Hamilton was the one killed in a duel with Vice President Aaron Burr or figure out that he’s the guy on the $10 bill (for now, at least), but as Hamilton moves to Broadway we might learn to give this founder another look.

Flocabulary has been putting a hip-hop spin on history and other school subjects for years and School House Rock taught through song before that, but there’s something to be said for how deep Lin-Manuel Miranda took the history in this one. If you teach early U.S. history or government I would strongly recommend giving this a listen – it breathes a lot of life into the era and the historical figures who populated it without glossing over their faults (and the language can get a bit salty).

Our high school did an outstanding performance of 1776 last year, their production of Hamilton can’t come soon enough for me.

Check out NPR’s First Listen: Hamilton for the entire audio.