iPad apps and the C4 Framework for Social Studies

I spent most of the day today talking iPads with K-12 teachers in all contents. But I have to admit – my favorite part of the day was the two hours spent with social studies teachers.

C4-logoWe chatted about a variety of things but the focus was on iPad apps and activities that aligned to my recently released C4 Framework for the Social Studies. For those unfamiliar with the C4 Framework, we’ve broken down the NCSS national social studies standards, the Common Core literacy standards for the social studies, and the new Kansas social studies standards into four easy to follow themes that can help you plan high-quality lessons and units.

The idea behind the C4 Framework is to incorporate each of the following items into your lesson and units:

  • Collect
  • Collaborate
  • Create
  • Communicate

In a lesson organized using the C4 Framework, students gather and organize resources that address an authentic problem, work together with others to brainstorm solutions to that problem, create a solution / product, and share their solution with others.

Today we shared and discussed mobile apps / sites that fit that model. Some of the different things we did?

  • Padlet
  • Google Earth
  • Kahoot
  • iCard Sort
  • Dropbox / Send to Dropbox

Want the full list of 30+ apps? Head over to Social Studies Central, scroll down to Presentation Handouts and click “C4 Mobile Apps.”

Want more info on the C4 Framework? Head here.

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I work as a social studies specialist at ESSDACK, an educational service center in Hutchinson, Kansas. Before coming to ESSDACK, I taught middle school US History and higher ed social science classes.

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