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Sweet Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic lesson plans and instructional goodies


Are you looking for some sweet Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic instructional goodies? Here’s what I’ve got:

Start with the basics


Social Media

Mobile Apps
(I’m part of Team Apple so . . . these are iPhone / iPad apps. I did some checking – Google Play and Android also have tons.)

Lesson Plans / Instructional Materials

Have fun!

#NCSS13 in St. Louis, Missouri

Greetings from the “Show Me” State!

I happen to be at the premiere social studies education event in the country.  Approximately 2500 social studies educators, professors, and exhibitors have crowded the St. Louis America Convention Center for the annual conference of the National Council for the Social Studies.  I always look forward to this event and find it to be one of energy and it recharges my batteries after I hit the Fall Doldrums of the School Year.

It is also exciting for me.  My hotel is literally a stone’s throw from the arch and the Edwards Dome where the Rams play.  I walked to the conference last night in the rain, mist, and fog and in looking up, the upper half of the arch was covered.  It was beautiful.  Continue reading #NCSS13 in St. Louis, Missouri

A whole bunch of History Twitter feeds

Okay, I may have done the math wrong. But whatever the number is, it’s a bunch of very cool and useful Twitter feeds. Grab a couple or three of them and expand your Personal Learning Network.

A quick and easy way to grow your list is to check out who these users are following. In no time, you’ll have tons of links to tons of stuff.

And be sure to scroll down for some basic info on using hashtags! Continue reading A whole bunch of History Twitter feeds