“Guilty Pleasures” of History Education

The great thing about being a history teacher is that history can be literally all around us, especially on the Internet.  There are all kinds of things that might be of use for teachers of history.  I provide for you three “guilty pleasures” that you may wind up exploring for fun on your own time. 

1.  http://horrible-histories.co.uk

Horrible Histories is a series of books and award winning television shows in England.  Several of my methods students have used clips from the show on youtube as a means of providing an interesting entryway into a topic:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAjmLTUt4uE   English Civil War.

There are games, fun facts, and other disciplines to explore (math, science, and geography).

2.  http://mentalfloss.com

This website has a multitude of articles, some with a humorous bent, but has an amazing amount of interesting trivia facts.  The articles here can have a large number of fascinating stories and bits to engage students into content.  While not a deep historical content site, you may be able to glean some interesting pieces for your instruction.

3.  http://www.travelks.com/things-to-do/history-heritage/forts-trails/

For a military history of Kansas, this website has links to a multitude of museums and their subsequent websites.  This website has a large number of local museums as well as travel sites in Kansas.  This can open up a lot of  avenues for either local study and or avenues for Kansas history.

I hope to put additional websites for you to explore at a future time, and put some of yours in the comments below.



About bradburenheide

I'm an Associate Professor at Kansas State University's College of Education. Currently I am the program coordinator for secondary social studies education. My research interests include instructional gaming, history education, and creative pedagogy.

One thought on ““Guilty Pleasures” of History Education

  1. My students love the Horrible Histories TV show clips! I was so sad to hear that this British TV show stopped filming this year.

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