Tools 4 Students

I promise I’m not going to spend the whole blog using text language!  Tools 4 Students and Tools 4 Students 2 are actually the names of a great app that I use in my classroom to get students working with technology and cutting down on the amount of time that I have to spend in front of a copy machine.

Between the two versions of this app there are 50 different graphic organizers that are both premade and editable for teachers and students to create their own.  tools 4 studentsThey cover everything from KWL and vocabulary to note taking and document analysis.

The best part about this app, it is EASY and self explanatory.  All you have to do is click in a box and start typing, easy enough for grade school students but still applicable at the secondary level as well.

In my classroom I have used the app multiple times to help students organize their thoughts before completing a writing activity.  Today they are working with a partner to complete a Venn diagram comparing research projects over different regions of the world, which they will then use to write a well structured paragraph summarizing the information.

In the past we have also used the Main Idea/Detail and Summarize graphic organizers to prep for writing.  Most of these graphic organizers are tools that students have used before and are very familiar with, they just feel like it is new and interesting because they are completing them on an iPad.

One small downfall for this app, it sadly isn’t free.  However, the $0.99 price tag makes up for that fact.  Luckily my district was willing to pay for this app to be put on a classroom set of iPads so that we could use it in the classroom.  If you are only able to get this app on one iPad the graphic organizers could be completed as a class, or you can print off copies of the organizers when they are blank and students can complete them individually.

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