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I teach my methods students here at KSU to “constantly think about teaching.”  To do this, we always look for things to use even for small parts of lessons.  A picture to promote thinking, a quote to start a conversation, a primary source to investigate, all of these are ways to promote learning.  I happened to find a website the other night at class at the suggestions of Dr. John Harrington and Ms. Lisa Tabor who were presenting on geography…

The website is called TwistedSifter and features pictures united thematically and contains a multitude of fascinating picture and some humorous .gifs which will provide some enjoyable time for you while browsing the web.  

And don’t forget that we have a flag contest going on.  Go to the post on Flags, Flags, Flags and register for the contest by posting in the comments section OR by sending me an email.  Click on my profile on the website with “Flags, Flags, Flags” in the subject line. Again, you can win a $75 flag!

Finally, I want to encourage our readers in Kansas to exercise your civic responsibility by either contacting your representatives regarding the latest education bill.  It doesn’t matter if you are for it or against it.  But it is important that your voice is heard!

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