2018 GLI Teacher of the Year & conference presenter Thomas Fulbright asks: Why does what happened in 1890 still matter?

IMG_0167There are over 45 sessions, breakouts, workshops, and keynotes at the 2018 Kansas Social Studies conference. Most of those will be led by teachers doing awesome stuff in the classroom. And there are at least four former state history teachers of the year doing presentations.

That’s not counting the current 2018 Gilder-Lehrman Kansas History Teacher of the Year Thomas Fulbright. Thomas will be sharing some of his teacher of the year secrets on Monday morning at the Kansas Conference.

During his session titled Why What Happened in 1882 Still Matters, Thomas will be highlighting how his US history students use an analysis of past government policy debates to create advice for current policy makers debating similar contemporary policies.

Get a teaser from an earlier Doing Social Studies post and then make plans to attend his session on Monday, October 29, 9:30-10:20am in MU 250D of the ESU Memorial Union.

Doing Social Studies

TomClairAbeThis week’s post comes from Thomas Fulbright:

“I have been teaching history at Hope Street Academy, a public charter school, in Topeka since 2008. My wife and I have three daughters, Claire, Nora, and Meredith. I intend to spend my entire life convincing them how exciting and important history is! My bio picture is of Claire and I meeting President Lincoln!”

During the summer of 2016, I was lucky enough to attend the Gilder Lehrman teacher seminar American Foreign Policy since 1898, led by Dr. Jeremi Suri from the University of Texas.  The seminar was going very well – until in an offhand comment, Dr. Suri implied that the way I teach history is bad for our democracy.  

At that time, I was teaching my class using Structured Academic Controversies, following the model of Stanford History Education Group.  His basic argument was I focus too much on having students judge the…

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About Kori Green

I teach 8th grade social studies at El Dorado Middle School in El Dorado, KS. I enjoy U.S. history, dabble in British history, and love incorporating technology in the classroom.

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