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Hexagons? In History?

Students in Ms. Green's class using hexagons to refresh their memories and make connections to the curriculum.
Students in Ms. Green’s class using hexagons to refresh their memories and make connections.

I am trying to be more mindful of pulling my students’ learning through this year. You know, revisiting what they’ve already learned so it doesn’t fly out of their brains never to return (at least not to return until their high school American History teacher says they should have learned this in 8th grade and have to review it…).

I tried out a neat tool this week with my students that Glenn Wiebe showed the KCSS Executive Board over the summer. The ClassTools.net Hexagon Generator allows you to select up to 30 terms that will then be placed on little hexagons which you will then have the pleasure of cutting apart (good task for a student aide with time on her hands, wish I had one).

With only three days this week due to Parent-Teacher Conferences I didn’t want to jump into something new before their long weekend, so I decided to roll out the hexagons. I used a mix of ideas, people and events that we’ve covered since the beginning of the year. Each table got a set and my directions – if the terms on their hexagon have a connection they can touch, but for each side that touches there has to be a connection. Continue reading Hexagons? In History?

The 150th Anniversary of Gettysburg

As I will not be scheduled to post again prior to the actual anniversary, I felt it appropriate to blog about one of my favorite topics of study.  I still remember my high school history teacher describing the Battle of Gettysburg as the “-est” battle of the American Civil War.


The “biggest,” the “bloodiest,” and had the “greatest impact” upon the history of America.  While this statement is contentious it is significant to remember this event for a variety of reasons that I think is important to make sure our students know about the battle, and the Civil War in general. Continue reading The 150th Anniversary of Gettysburg