“I Still Like Ike” & A “History Day” Training Opportunity

I had the great privilege this week of attending a meeting at the Eisenhower Library in Abilene, KS.  The purpose was to identify concretely some ways the partnership between K-State and the Eisenhower Library, Museum, and Boyhood Home could continue to grow.  The experience was wonderful as we were able to visit the Director’s office which at one time was occupied President Eisenhower himself.  Additionally, I was afforded the opportunity to go through the museum, which was fabulous!  Great exhibits were filled with the artifacts of the life and times of the president. 

A thing that really impressed me was the opportunities for development offered by the Library.  This truly is a “world-class” research facility and repository, not just a local museum.  There are curriculum materials already developed and a staff that is willing to help anyone find out more information about the Eisenhower era.  But there are a ton of programs offered by them that are ready made for teachers to glean additional knowledge from.

The Eisenhower Library has developed a great social media presence to aid in knowing about programs, documents, and events at the library.  You can find this information at the following set of links:





As an example of programming they host, this Saturday, August 10, at 1:00 pm, the Wichita Bull Stockings will play the Abilene Iron Cutters in a “Vintage Base Ball” game.  Competitors will be in 1860’s uniforms and play according to the rules of the time period.  It should be wonderful experience.  Additionally, the “Eisenhower Boys” will be part of the Living History Garden project with games the boys would have played and a lemonade stand.  This is a project that a local 4-H club does in reenacting the lives of what the boys would have done on a summer’s day and has been highly acclaimed by the staff of the Library, Museum, and Boyhood home.

Additionally, there are two Brown Bag luncheons scheduled in the near future.  On September, 13, the author of Ike & Dick:  Portrait of a Strange Political Marriage, Jeffrey Frank, will be there to discuss his book.  On October 24, a presentation will be done by a researcher on “Ike and the Space Race.”  Both presentations will be fascinating to partake in.

I want to thank Karl Weissenbach, Director, Linda Smith, Archivist and Program Director, and Samantha Kenner, Communications Director for hosting the KSU contingent this week and for providing us with a great experience touring the great facility.

I want to conclude by adding an opportunity for a Teacher’s Workshop sponsored by the Lowell Milken Center and the Fort Scott National Historic Site.  Details are below:

“The Lowell Milken Center is collaborating with the Fort Scott National Historic Site on a teacher program and seminar.

The seminar will be between 3:30-6:30 on Friday, September 20th, and 9-3 on Saturday, September 21st.

We have discount lodging at the #1 B&B in Kansas.  Also, a $112 stipend will go to each teacher attending. Teachers/educators of all disciplines and subjects are welcome.

To register, just call Ashley Sherman at the Lowell Milken Center and give her your name/address/phone/email.  620.223.9991”

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