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Pre-Service Teachers Contribute Curriculum

Pre-Service teachers are getting into the game and classroom teachers can benefit. The HGSS undergraduates at KU have a thriving student chapter of the National Council for the Social Studies  – the Kansas University Council for the Social Studies (KUCSS) – and they’ve been using their powers for good.

KUCSS has partnered with the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics in Lawrence, Kansas to create instructional materials for middle and high school social studies teachers. The Dole Institute of Politics has launched an online exhibit commemorating Dole and his service in WWII which resulted in a debilitating injury that would later largely shape his work as a Senator resulting in the Americans with Disabilities Act (1995).

If you’d like to read more about the collection and their collaboration with KUCSS you can check out the full article here.

Make sure to check out the WWII Letter Collection from the Dole Institute and follow the In the Classroom link for the lesson plan.

And if you haven’t taken the opportunity to visit the Dole Institute of Politics in Lawrence it’s well worth a trip. Heck, make an I-70 road trip of it: start at the Eisenhower Presidential Center in Abilene, hit the Dole Institute, and then on to Liberty, Missouri for the Truman Presidential Library and Museum – just imagine all the government fun!

“I Still Like Ike” & A “History Day” Training Opportunity

I had the great privilege this week of attending a meeting at the Eisenhower Library in Abilene, KS.  The purpose was to identify concretely some ways the partnership between K-State and the Eisenhower Library, Museum, and Boyhood Home could continue to grow.  The experience was wonderful as we were able to visit the Director’s office which at one time was occupied President Eisenhower himself.  Additionally, I was afforded the opportunity to go through the museum, which was fabulous!  Great exhibits were filled with the artifacts of the life and times of the president.  Continue reading “I Still Like Ike” & A “History Day” Training Opportunity