Who doesn’t love playing games?

Recently, during an inservice, we were discussing vocabulary and creative ways to help students study and learn their vocabulary words.  Several great ideas were presented, but my favorite has quickly become Quizlet.  You can either access this program online at quizlet.com or download the app onto iPads for quicker access.  What I find most beneficial about Quizlet is that the students get to play fun games, and Quizlet will produce a test and grade it for you (what teacher wouldn’t love that!).

My class just started our unit on physical geography, and we began by learning new vocabulary focused on landforms.  I created a Quizlet set with our words and definitions, check it out here http://quizlet.com/_htfy8 , and allowed the students time to study the words using either the Flashcards or Learn feature, or play one of the two games (Scatter and Space Race).  At the end of the class period all of the students took the test generated by Quizlet which gave me an accurate view of where they were with the vocabulary and if we needed to spend more time discussing certain terms.

Quizlet is free, which is another great benefit, and students don’t have to create accounts to study the sets that you create.  All they need to know is the name that you have on your account and they can access all of the sets that you have created.  Another great feature is that you can borrow sets that other teachers have created and add them to your account.  You can have pictures on your sets if you pay an annual fee, or you can be frugal like me and borrow sets that already have pictures on them!

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