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First off, NCSS is next week.  I’m stoked looking forward to traveling to St. Louis for four days of interesting social studies exploration.  I will be doing a blog post Friday evening or Saturday morning of some of the things I’m experiencing at the conference.  I hope to have some great stuff for you.  Now onto today’s post.

Sometimes when I get brain fatigue, I wind up falling into Internet surfing and finding things that pique the historical part of my brain and at least get me back into the mood to do some thinking.  As I prepared to write this blog post, it was at the end of a twelve-hour day, and I am suffering from brain fatigue, and over-caffeinated, and ready to “veg” out.  This leads me to the post I struggled to get onto today.  I want to share with you some random things I’ve found on the web that require minimal mental energy at first, but will hold quite some interest for use as bell-ringers or warm-up items to start your classes.

1.  The National Archives Image of the “First Selfie From Space.” 

2.  Boredpanda.com has 40 interesting images from history.  This is quite a collection that will spark some great historical thought.

3.  Twistedsifter.com features many famous black and white photographs that have been colorized, providing a fascinating image into the past.

4.  This website have several historical images of interest.  Don’t mind the title.   This is part of an on-going series of historical photos for you to explore.  

5.  The Daily Mail of England published an article at the end of September where an animator and Lincoln historian believes he found a second image of Lincoln at the giving of the Gettysburg Address.  I can’t see it personally. 

As I share with my methods students, I want them to constantly be thinking about how they can use anything they run into to help them teach their content.  Hopefully you can use one of the pictures or articles as a bell ringer, discussion starter, or motivator in your classroom.

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PS:  If you are in St. Louis, feel free to look me up…  twitter (@bburenksu)

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I'm an Associate Professor at Kansas State University's College of Education. Currently I am the program coordinator for secondary social studies education. My research interests include instructional gaming, history education, and creative pedagogy.

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