Low On Devices? Plick this App!

Photo on 8-27-15 at 12.34 PMI was recently introduced to an awesome piece of technology that allows you gather real-time data when giving formative assessments.  Plickers (paper/clickers) is a mobile app linked to the Plickers website that gives teachers the ability to test students using mobile devices, even if they don’t have any devices for their students.  After creating an account on the website, teachers simply upload questions and print off a classroom set of Plicker cards for students to use.  Each card is similar to a QR code, and is marked with a number which you can then assign to individual students to track their answers.  Using a computer, teachers display the question and answer options on the board or projector and students hold their cards up to show their answers with the correct letter at the top of the page.

Teachers then use their iPhone or iPad to scan across the room, and the app picks up and records each individual students response.  While scanning across the room teachers will see each student’s name pop up with their answer, and their names will either color in green for a correct answer or red for an incorrect answer.

photo copy

On the board, teachers have the option of displaying student names, a check mark will appear next to their name when their answer has been recorded, or displaying a graph showing which answers are being chosen by students.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 2.59.24 PM

This app is great for teachers who don’t have access to a device for every student but want to utilize technology in the classroom in an individualized way.  Plickers runs along the same lines as Nearpod and Socrative in that teachers are getting real-time feedback, and providing formative assessments without having to grade a stack of tests.

However, the best part about Plickers, the students absolutely love it!  I even had a few ask me if we could take a longer quiz so they could keep “playing.”

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